Our Company

MARAT, S.A. de C.V. in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México; is a corporation that began operations on August 18, 1988, with the following Mission“To support our customers by offering solutions for the control and measurement of fluids, providing renowned quality products, fair prices and excellent service.”

Throughout these years – based on our working philosophy , continuous improvement to the quality of our products, and the support of our suppliers – we continue to meet the challenge of gaining our customer’s confidence and building upon our prestige to make MARAT a nationally recognized leader and important supplier of Valves and Instrumentation.

Our Purpose is: “To contribute to modernization and industrial improvement, thus obtaining profitability in return for our efforts that will aid in the integral development of our staff and the growth of the company”


MARAT prefaces its work on the following Values:
  1. Honesty with our customers.
  2. Loyalty to our suppliers.
  3. Ability, professionalism and integrity of our employees.
  4. Flexibility to adapt to internal and external changes.
  5. Constant quest for improvement and the achievement of new goals.
  6. Ongoing effort to provide services that exceed our customer’s expectations.
  7. Establish and maintain a good working environment where people can experience the joy of teamwork responsibly and respectfully.
  8. To care for and maintain company assets in optimum condition.
  9. Optimization of expenses to enhance better competitiveness and profitability thus enabling sustained company growth.

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